From foreign body removal and eye infections to migraine headaches, optometrists are equipped to address and treat some of the most common reasons for emergency room visits.

The following are considered ocular emergencies:

  • Chemical recently splashed into the eye(s)
  • Foreign object in the eye(s)
  • Injury or forceful trauma to eye(s) and/or surrounding area
  • Sudden onset of severe, constant pain in or around the eye(s) or with eye movement
  • Sudden onset of curtain or veil appearance over vision
  • Sudden onset of flashing lights and/or floaters
  • Sudden loss or decrease in vision
  • Sudden onset of double vision
  • Sudden onset of drooping eyelid

As of June 11 2020, our office is beginning the gradual resumption of non-urgent services following temporary closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will not be accepting walk-ins but are accepting new patients and routine eye exams again. Please call us at 519-824-5958 or email to book your exam.