Diabetes affects the small blood vessels inside the eye. It can lead to early cataract, glaucoma, bleeding, swelling and other diseases of the eye. When not detected and treated early, diabetic eye disease can lead to vision impairment and blindness. A comprehensive eye exam conducted by your optometrist can reveal the effects of poor diabetes management, indicating a need for lifestyle and diet changes, better compliance with treatment, or medication modification.

At the beginning of your diabetic eye exam, Dr. Smart will be asking you about your health history. Please be prepared with a list of current health conditions and prescription medications. Dr. Smart will also be putting dilating drops into your eyes, allowing a more thorough examination of the retina and back of the eye. For several hours after your exam, you will be more sensitive to light and may have blurry vision, especially while reading. If you anticipate driving home from your appointment, it is advised that you bring a driver to allow for a more comfortable, safe ride home.

Individuals with diabetes and a valid Ontario Health Card are covered by OHIP for annual eye examinations and it is recommended they have annual comprehensive exams.

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